ehamfest - The Ultimate Hamfest Experience!
Is the ultimate auction
 website just for the
Amateur Radio and SWL
Community !
Similar to that other place that has been nickel and diming you to death with fees.
Example of some fees that sellers have to pay on ebay:
Then there is fees if you use the ebay shipping
We can help you get set up to do your own shipping, without subtracting from your profits.
This is NOT all of them!!!
Then it's Pay pal's turn,
(Oh, Pay pal is owned by ebay)
Then  they soak you for a hefty percentage.
So.......... For the seller, it does not leave a lot of room for profit.
Keep watching for
We are still working on some of the details.. and looking for an affordable host.
This is not where the website will be.  This is just where our web name is parked and to keep y'all up to date.
You will see us in ARRL's QST
 and CQ Magazine!
We're going to keep working on this.
It's taking more time than we imagined.
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